Extra-aeronautical activities

VINCI Airports' expertise in developing extra-aeronautical activities improves the passenger experience, boosts revenues and helps make time spent at the airport an enjoyable part of the journey

Unlocking each airport's full potential

Extra-aeronautical activities, i.e. sale of goods to travellers, commercial food and beverage outlets, car rental, car park management, etc., are crucial to the economic viability of the infrastructure, and can generate more than half of revenue in the big privatised airports.  VINCI Airports unlocks their growth potential by fine-tuning the range of services offered, alongside its commercial partners, while at the same time working on reconfiguration of passenger flows and optimisation of operations. The objective: to ensure that the development of retail outlets feeds through to a better and more fluid travel experience for passengers.  


“By highlighting cultural and culinary particularities, making the airport an oasis of calm and enhancing the passenger experience, we are seeking to restore a sense of adventure to our airports ”

Commercial Director, VINCI Airports

Key figures

stores and restaurants in the VINCI Airports network
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A rigorously selective commercial offer

VINCI Airports strives to offer a range of shops and services that fits each individual airport, whatever its size and positioning. In airports serving tourist destinations, the extra-aeronautical teams encourage an offer showcasing the local culture and atmosphere, making the airport a display window for the country and making passengers want to spend time there. VINCI Airports also helps commercial partners to optimise their sales, for instance by providing traffic data to enable offers to be more readily matched to the expectations of various passenger segments. 

Partnering with stores to ensure 100% visibility

VINCI Airports' objective: to provide 100% visibility for 100% of the offer.

VINCI Airports' extra-aeronautical teams make sure that the airports in the network provide an ideal environment for optimising store performance. This expertise is particularly evident in terminal renovations, with the goal of maximising the visibility of commercial offers while taking operational requirements into account. Passenger flows are reconfigured to provide more fluid pathways and shops and services located near the waiting areas, to make them more accessible.

Improving the passenger experience

Reconfiguring flows and operations contributes to a global enhancement of the passenger experience.

VINCI Airports believes that growth in extra-aeronautical revenues can be harmoniously combined with optimisation of operations to produce better quality of service for passengers. Drawing on its global operator model, VINCI Airports has the expertise needed to work simultaneously on both these aspects of airport operation, by using its knowledge of the customer pathway to ensure an optimised commercial experience. To strengthen this expertise, VINCI Airports and Aer Rianta International (ARI) have created Portugal Duty Free in 2022. This partnership take over the operation of the eight duty free stores in the airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Madeira (Madeira and Porto Santo) and the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria and Horta). The stores will be renovated in line with VINCI Airports' and ARI's strategy and will each have its own identity, reflecting the local landscape and culture, in order to create a tailored experience for passengers.