Working at VINCI Airports

Working at VINCI Airports is synonymous with choosing a fulfilling career that offers internal mobility opportunities and career-expanding training opportunities.

Promotion and internal mobility

As part of guaranteeing its customers a consistent level of excellence against a background of rapid growth, VINCI Airports has identified employee development as a key priority. This commitment puts particular emphasis on:

  • promotion and internal mobility, which leverage not only motivation, but also the sharing of knowledge and skills

  • a broad range of training opportunities tailored to the international profile of our teams

The VINCI Airports Academy

Created in 2013, the VINCI Airports Academy aims at developing the skills of VINCI Airports workers in line with the company’ a business challenges. Our ambition is to deploy a shared and innovative training offer that disseminated a common performance culture. Our catalogue offers face-to-face, online or mixed modules, and is constantly being expanded to meet the needs of countries and industry standards.

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The internal mobility

VINCI Airports is committed to promoting internal mobility, which it believes to be a powerful lever for motivation and an effective way of gaining professional experience that facilitates the spread and sharing of knowledge throughout the network. 

Employee protection and support

Salaries that reflect individual and collective performance

Highly committed to the principle of personally-tailored pay, the VINCI Airports salary policy puts the emphasis on the individual responsibilities and performance of each employee.
Using a series of plans designed specifically for the local context and legislation of each country, the company shares the benefits of growth with all its employees. In France, this takes the form of statutory and voluntary profit-sharing plans. 

Social welfare

Whether they work in France or abroad, all VINCI Airports employees are covered by a social welfare package.

Health & Safety

Safety is a non-negotiable priority in our relationship with employees, partners and subcontractors. The initiatives implemented to achieve the target of zero accidents are designed to raise manager awareness through communication campaigns and training.

The VINCI Airports goal is to reduce occupational accident severity and frequency to achieve the ultimate target of zero accidents.

Open applications

Open applications can be submitted either via the the following address or directly to individual airports operated by VINCI Airports.

Responsible Human Resources management

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