Lyon Bron airport

Lyon Bron is France's 3rd largest airport for business aviation. Located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, Lyon-Bron airport offers access to more than 2,000 European and transatlantic destinations, including those not served by regular airlines. Open 24 hours a day, it is dedicated to handling business aviation flights. It is also perfectly suited to handle medical flights (evacuations, organ transport). In 2020, PAN Européenne has newly established itself on LYN, in addition to the 5 airlines already based there (OYONNAIR / HARMONY Aircraft Air services / JETCORP / Mont Blanc Hélicoptères). The different types of aircraft operated by these companies based at the airport (small/medium jets, helicopters) are adapted to the needs of passengers for short-haul, domestic and near Europe flights. It is also possible to charter aircraft not based at the airport for all types of flights from Lyon-Bron. Lyon-Bron Airport's facilities are designed to meet the needs of business aviation and offer speed and privacy to passengers using them. Business aviation offers an efficient, fast and safe alternative for all business trips. The flexibility of this transport model, which is handled at Lyon-Bron Airport, enabled us to operate more than 150 medical flights during the Covid 19 crisis, transporting caregivers or patients to other regions. The agility of the business aviation operated at Lyon-Bron should also be highlighted. In 2020, business flights helped offset the instability of commercial aviation.

Key figures

  • ACA 1
  • 3rd
    French airport
    for business aviation
  • + 2000

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