Reasons for joining VINCI Airports

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To be part of our adventure

With 72 airports under management around the world, VINCI Airports is the first private airports operator in the world Tempted to join our adventure?

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To launch your own international career

With an operating presence dating back 25 years in Cambodia and 15 years in France, and a more recent presence in Portugal, Chile, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the United States, the United Kingdom and Serbia, VINCI Airports could be your gateway to a career of international mobility.

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To expand your expertise

From investors to prime contractors and operators, VINCI Airports offers an extraordinarily broad range of career opportunities for you to discover. One of the great strengths of an integrated model is the wealth of opportunities it offers its employees!

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To excel yourself every day

At VINCI Airports, innovation is virtually a tradition: key to improving the customer experience and driving airport business development, it is central to the company's strategic ambitions. If agility, creativity and performance measurement appeal to you, then you should join VINCI Airports!

To learn how to (really) work in collaboration...

... with a broad spectrum of interfaces, from local authorities to the tourism industry, airlines, retailers and the hospitality industry... every airport has a vast ecosystem, which is another thing that makes a career with us so interesting and rewarding. Want to find out more?

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To give yourself the resources you need to progress your career

The density of the VINCI Airports network provides an endless succession of opportunities to upskill and promote expertise right across the company. The institutionalised sharing of local best practice and the substantial training delivered by the VINCI Airports Academy give VINCI Airports employees the resources they need to expand their own employability.

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For the stability of a major corporate group...

As part of the VINCI Group with its 272,000 employees, VINCI Airports benefits from the full financial strength and investment capacity of its parent, as well as its worldwide skills network, to deliver the best-possible solutions to its customers... and the best-possible career and internal mobility opportunities to its people!

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... with the flexibility of a decentralised organisational structure

The spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, transparency, and a clear sense of operational realities and excellence are the values that drive all VINCI Airports employees every day and wherever in the world they may be. But above all, it is the way those values are embodied and delivered in the local context that brings them to life... thanks to you!

To contribute to local long-term development

Because airports are essential drivers of economic growth, our teams contribute to supporting local economies on a daily basis. By developing tourism, facilitating business travel and promoting local crafts, working with VINCI Airports is an effective way of making a long-term difference that benefits an entire local community.

To contribute to reducing the environmental impact of airports

Conscious of the impact its activities have on the environment, VINCI Airports became the first concession operator to apply a shared environmental policy for all its airports in 2015 and now target carbon neutrality within its airports network.

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